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The fall of Icarus: Strike diary 5

In my last post, I mentioned Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Fall of Icarus (or rather Landscape with the Fall of Icarus). I’d like to return to this painting, as it happens to be one of my favourite. The painting, which is believed … Continue reading

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Learning is like growing plants: strike diary 4

I have been on the pickets again today. It took me three hours to thaw after the three hours I spent in the sub-zero temperatures. We are now getting two days’ respite, as the strike action is an escalating one (two … Continue reading

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On the wings of the ladybird: strike diary 3

Today I’ve been picketing. It was bitterly cold, but at least we didn’t have snow in our corner of Wales. I’m in awe of those who have been picketing in the snow in many parts of the UK. The aspect … Continue reading

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‘The father of Medicine’: Strike diary 2

Anxiety over this striking business settled in over the weekend. What will be the impact of a diminished pension on my family? How will students cope with missed lectures and seminars? How will we deal with 28 days of lost … Continue reading

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The art is long: strike diary 1

I am on strike. Employees at a large number of British universities are on strike over broken promises regarding pensions. However, we are striking over much more than pensions: we are striking over the ever-increasing casualisation of the workforce and … Continue reading

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