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The deer and the palm tree

Today is our last day in Italy – tomorrow return to the green valleys. Big Boy T (7 years and 3/7) and I went to visit the archaeological site of Herculaneum. It is extremely impressive. Visiting the site is also … Continue reading

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A tale of two graffiti

The area around Naples is a bit of a shock to the system after Rome. While in Rome everyone in the tourism business speaks English, around Naples, my – very rusty – Italian is coming in very handy. Finding your … Continue reading

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A pilgrimage to Asclepius

Mondays are a bit tricky for the tourist craving her dose of historical sites in Italy. Most museums and archaeological sites are closed. Big Boy T (who, as he pointed to me, is 7 years and 1/3 rather than 7 … Continue reading

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Today Big Boy T and I went to Ostia Antica, the ruins of the harbour of Rome. I thought I would blog about the midwife Scribonia Attica (second century CE), whose tomb is supposed to be somewhere in Ostia. Let’s just say … Continue reading

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Unctuous Rome

This week Big Boy T (age  7 and a half) and I are visiting Rome and the Vesuvius area and this blog will turn travelogue. We have left P and Little Boy G behind, as I am on a research … Continue reading

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Autumn song

I have two favourite times of year: the first is when the cherries are in bloom; and the second, which has just come to an end, is the beginning of the autumn, when the blackberry brambles are in fruit. The … Continue reading

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