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Island hopping

Today was Easter, and as a treat, I took Big Boy T on a cruise around the Saronic Gulf. A cruise is not my idea of fun: I suffer from sea sickness (although I can deal with the Aegean on … Continue reading

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Nanny care

Posted 24 hours after writing… As I am writing this, I am on the train from Fribourg (Switzerland) to Geneva airport. The landscape is absolutely breath-taking. The grass is particularly green and the sun is shining (which makes it very … Continue reading

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Cherry blossom spotting

I am currently at JFK airport, waiting to board a flight back to the UK after a wonderful week in New York (for a conference on popular medicine on the ancient world) and Princeton (to give a paper on plants … Continue reading

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Finding my feet

Today I am preparing some cosmetics for my mother’s birthday. For as long as I can remember, my mum has suffered from very dry feet. And I mean dry, with sore cracked heels. When she last came to visit in April, … Continue reading

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Milky love

 So I have not blogged for a month. I guess I have been a bit busy juggling family life and full-time academic work. Baby G. and Big-Boy T. have also decided that they would celebrate the Summer Solstice for a … Continue reading

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The hair of the dog

 I have a new textual crush. I have become totally enamoured with the Geoponika (literally, Agricultural Stuff), a Byzantine tenth-century compilation of agronomical advice. It is full of fun recipes and precepts. While other ancient agronomical authors might edit out what … Continue reading

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Navigating the high seas

This week I interrupt my series on the history of breastfeeding to describe my most daring experiment with ancient cosmetics yet. How fitting then that the recipe I attempted to recreate is attributed to a certain Pelagia, whose name evokes … Continue reading

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