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Where the wild things are

I have to thank my colleague Jane Draycott (@JLDraycott) who gave me the idea for this post. She came to Cardiff a few weeks ago to give a great paper on votive hair in antiquity (yes, there was such a … Continue reading

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Bum notes

Like many others – I guess – I have rather over-indulged over Christmas and New Year. I find myself with a nicely padded bottom as a result. But hopefully this won’t last, as I won’t be spending too much time … Continue reading

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Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

I have been silent for a month now. It has been a busy time with teaching and travelling to Philadelphia for a conference on Ancient drugs. Halloween fever was in full swing at the B&B where I stayed, and pumpkins … Continue reading

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The hair of the dog

 I have a new textual crush. I have become totally enamoured with the Geoponika (literally, Agricultural Stuff), a Byzantine tenth-century compilation of agronomical advice. It is full of fun recipes and precepts. While other ancient agronomical authors might edit out what … Continue reading

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